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Clouds and Climate

Climate forcing (or how hard are we pushing the climate to change?)
Clouds and Climate

Clouds of the World

Where is the biggest cloud in the world?
Clouds from rockets
Clouds of the world: Military contrails
Clouds of the world: The Hunga Tonga eruption
Clouds of the world: There is less cloud over rivers
Where is the cloudiest place on Earth? (Part 2 - Satellites)
Where is the cloudiest place on Earth?

Clouds on Screen

Clouds on screen: Battlestar Galactica
Clouds on screen: The Lion King
Star Trek: Voyager - An atmosphere without aerosol?
Clouds on screen: The Simpsons - Smoke make clouds rain?


Oppenheimer - A dark ending


Beer, clouds and climate change
Sunrise over London
Cloud of the month (April 2021)


How does sea ice affect Arctic clouds?
How many cloud droplets are there?
Do clouds obey the law?
Clouds and climate change in a polluted Arctic
Contrails, climate and COVID-19
How quickly can you change a cloud?

Satellite observations

I've got the blues - a new Meteosat
Using caves to monitor the climate